Gede Ruins

Itinerary Gede Ruins

Not far from Malindi, in the splendid setting of the Arabuko Sokoke forest, rich in secular Baobabs, sequoia and quinine trees, stands Gede, an imposing 13th century Islamic city. The visit to the ruins of Gede allows you to admire what remains of it: the concentric walls defending the city, the great mosque, the rest of the water tanks and several buildings. The reasons for its abandonment in the 18th century are still unknown.

In any case, today we see a fascinating show, a ghost town rich in vegetation and populated by many monkeys that have chosen it as their home and will not hesitate to welcome you in exchange for a banana!


Half Day

Services included:

  • Transport by Tuk Tuk, Taxi or Minibus
  • Entrance Ticket

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