Robinson Island Itinerary

Robinson Island Itinerary

A day dedicated to discovering one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast, the golden beach, which owes its name to small grains of pyrite in the sand that the sun illuminates with a thousand reflections.

Then we will move to our second destination, the Robinson Island, on the road we travel through a dirt road that runs along the salt lake of Gongini, a place frequented by many species of birds including herons, egrets and flamingos.

We arrive at a lagoon, where the legendary ferryman awaits us with his canoe to transport us to the fantastic landscape of the island. Dry logs of mangroves will accompany us to the restaurant where you will taste shrimp, clams and oysters, grilled fish in coconut sauce and crabs.

After lunch we lie in the shadow of Makuti (typical African roof) or on the beautiful beach to enjoy another swim and another sunbath.


Full Day

Services Included:

  • Transport by Taxi or mini bus
  • Fish based lunch
  • Visit to the fishermen's village

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