Holiday Homes

Our Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes Watamu – Holiday rentals in Watamu Kenya near the sea, bar, restaurant and all services. The houses are of every design, some of which have modern furnishings and others are decorated with rico and those with the Swahili style. most houses have a shared pool but also a private pool. Some of these beautiful homes are also for sale for a safe investment.

Most services are included in the price and some are to be paid according to usage. Contact us for more information and quotations

Turtle Bay Villas

Turtle Bay Villas

Fully furnished apartments near the beach and all services that can accommodate up to 6 people in a very quiet environment.

Gigi House Watamu

Located at the far end of Watamu. it can accommodate up to 10 people. Ideal for young people who want to have peace and enjoy their vacation.
Rock n Sea Eco Resort

Rock and Sea Eco Resort

A unique experience in a hot air balloon among the mangroves, a perfect place for your holidays away from the noise of the city and the smoke of cars.

La Tannas Residence

Fully furnished apartments with all services included. Located in the center of Watamu village with swimming pool with a pool bar.

Nyumba Naros Watamu

Modern apartments complete with rustic furnishings suitable for families or just a holiday with friends and close to the center of Watamu and all services …
Casa Vacanza Watamu

Holiday Homes For Rent or Sale

Beautiful holiday homes for sale or rent in Watamu Kenya near the sea and all services. It can be organized for cooks and other personnel …….

Choose a holiday home that’s right for you to complete your package. We can help you in creating a customized package for you which will include Safaris and Excursions. A vacation package that includes safaris allows you to save money without giving up the high performance service performed by our best and most professional guides in the field.

Packages can include a Safari and one or more excursions depending on the time you have available for the holidays and your budget. We can organize the best safaris and excursions for you by spending a little while allowing you to enjoy the sea.

In case of need, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you find a solution for your requests.

Watamu Kenya excursions 2020 – Blue Safari – Sardegna Due , Blue Safari – Mida Creek, Crab Shack Dabaso, Devil’s Kitchen, Robinson Island, Che Chale – Golden Sand, Malindi Shopping, Ruins Of Gede, Mida Creek Boardwalk, Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Island of Love, Ride Watamu Local Village.

Our excursions depart from Watamu or Malindi, depending on the distance you can use the various means available to reach the various places of interest or go on foot allowing you to see every aspect of the village and chatteristics of the people and their cultures.