Useful info and Tips Safari Kenya

For visa and vaccination information, inquire from other travelers at the time of your departure, check with the Kenyan authorities

Corona Virus Emergency: All the insights

International air connections remain active. Countries considered to be at low / medium COVID risk, provided that they have a negative COVID PCR test certificate (swab) and carried out no earlier than 96 from arrival in Kenya, do not have a body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees and do not experience persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu symptoms.

For more detailed and updated information check from the ministry of health of your country of origin and the destination country

Entry Visa

For Kenya, in addition to the visa, which costs $ 50.00, it is necessary to have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months. You can buy a visa to enter Kenya online through the E-Visa service which costs $ 50.00 or directly upon arrival at the airport. (Confirm Visa fees at the time of departure because it may vary). Some airline companies provide these modules that can be filled out easily during the flight or can be found at the airport.


Kenya has an average of 30 degrees almost all year except May, June and July when there are rains. In the evening the temperatures can drop to 20 because of the wind from the ocean. It is advised to wear a light sweater if by chance you have to stay out late. A pair of light shoes and slippers that you can also buy at the beach


The Kenyan cities vary in size, the best way to get around for the first few days to be accompanied by your guide or host.


Vaccination is recommended but it’s not mandatory. For the anti-malaria, you should go to your primary care physicians for further information.

Local transport

To travel by public transport, we have Matatu (a minibus), I Bajaj (which are motorcycles), Il Tuktuk (La piaggio) and normal taxis. The prices vary from the medium you use, always try to ask from someone you trust, or if you are in a restaurant, ask a waiter to call you a means of transport.

Restaurants and Discos

There are many restaurants and bars that offer both excellent Italian and local food. Along the beaches there are restaurants but also in the city center. For the correct orientation you can always ask your guide or your hosts you. After dinner if you wish to go dancing, the most elegant and safe place is the Comeback Club and Restaurant. Besides the wide variety of cocktails and beers, the comeback club offers a wide variety of fish dishes, meat and also pizzas. You can dine comfortably and then dance without moving too much. With the DJ playing music from all over the world, fun is guaranteed.

Flora and Marine Fauna

Over the years we have done so much damage by touching and removing the corals and the marine stars. By doing this we will make everything die and tomorrow we will have nothing to show our children. It is advised to do eco-tourism, to see without possibly touching but above all not to take the starfish out of the water because in doing so we make them die.