Excursions Kenya Watamu

Excursions Kenya Watamu

Excursions Kenya Watamu – King Lion Tours and Safaris is a Safari and Excursion Agency Based in Watamu Kenya. Watamu and Malindi and around a wide choice of places to visit that you can insert in your itinerary as excursions to combine with the Safari.

Thanks to our local native tour guides, we will polish you every aspect of the excursion making it more fun and unforgettable. These magnificent places and landscapes characterizes the coast and the rest of Kenya. Trust us and we will meet your every need, customizing your itinerary based on your preferences and the time you have available, so as to make your trip unique and special.

The excursions can be done at the beginning or at the end of your holiday always taking into consideration the time you have available and your preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and quotation

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Safari blu sardegna due

Safari Blu - Sardegna Due

Departure at 09.00 with a glass-bottomed boat and equipped with mask and snorkel …..
Safari blu Mida creek

Safari Blu - Mida Creek

Marina excursion, a day in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world enjoying fresh fish ……
Crab shack Dabaso

Crab Shack Dabaso

Not far from Watamu there is this magnificent place among the mangroves that can also be reached …….

Hell's Kitchen Marafa

Departure from your village at about 2.30pm towards the canyon of Marta Hells Kitchen …..

Robinson Island

A day dedicated to discovering one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast, the golden beach …
Escursioni Watamu Kenya

Che Chale - Silver Sands

Departure from your village towards north-west of Malindi towards the enchanting golden beach ……..
Malindi-Shopping-Curio-shop Malindi Shopping e Fabrica di Legno

Malindi Shopping

It is a city of about 47,000 inhabitants. The excursion to Malindi begins with a visit to the old market …….
Gede Ruins Ruinen von Gede

Gede Ruins

Not far from Malindi, in the splendid setting of the Arabuko Sokoke forest, rich in secular Baobabs …
Mida Creek Boardwalk

Mida Creek Boardwalk

Located 20 minutes by car from Watamu is a journey made up of wood suspended between the mangroves ..
Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

About 6 kilometers from Watamu is a vast forest with many animals and birds …
Isola Dell'Amore Love Island Excursion Kenya Watamu Liebesinsel

Love Island Watamu

An island species in Watamu known as the island of love (Kithangani in Swahili).
Lokale Dorffuhrung Watamu

Local Village Tour

Tour in the local village of Watamu and its surroundings to discover the cultures..


Choose the excursion that’s right for you to complete your package. We can help you create a personalized package for you which will include Safari and Excursions. A holiday package that includes safaris allows you to save money without giving up the high performance service performed by our best and professional tour guides in the field.

Packages can include a Safari and one or more excursions based on the time you have available that you have for the holidays and your budget. We can organize the best safaris and excursions by spending a little while allowing you to enjoy the sea.

In case of need, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you find a solution for your requests.

Excursions Kenya – Safari Blu – Sardegna Due, Safari Blu – Mida Creek, Crab Shack Dabaso, Hell’s Kitchen Marafa, Robinson Island, Che Chale – Sabbia Dorata, Malindi Shopping, Gede Ruins, Mida Creek Boardwalk, Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Isola Dell’Amore, Local Village Tour – Watamu. Most of these excursions can start from Malindi or Watamu.

Our excursions start from Watamu or Malindi, depending on the distance you can use the various means available to reach the various places of interest or go on foot allowing you to see every aspect and chatteristicha of the people and their cultures.